Saturday, 9 September 2017

Europe's First, Virgin Airlines to Provide Free Wifi

A revolutionary step-up in the history of airline services across the world, Virgin Airlines have now launched their in-flight Wi-Fi services in all of their flights. The first airline to have included this service has already tasted its perks in terms of increase in gross economy and encouraging feedback from customers. Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and Virgin Australia have released their detailed user guide and respective pricing for the same.

Europe's First, Virgin Airlines to Provide Free Wifi


  • All Airbus A330, A340, 787  and 747 Virgin Atlantic aircrafts
  • All Virgin America aircrafts and ViaSat Wi-Fi in Airbus A320
  • Free trial going on in selected Virgin Australia aircrafts, domestic aircrafts Boeing 737 and A330 are expected to be fully upgraded by end of 2018
  • Network available at 35,000 ft

Technology and Speed

The technology has been developed as a result of collaboration with some of the best Wi-Fi providers in the business. There has been a lot of performance testing before the service was launched for the customers. A few highlights:
  • Partnered with Gogo and ViaSat Inc., promised next-level connectivity
  • Virgin Australia has teamed up with Optus Satellite for an uninterrupted service
  • ViaSat Wifi is 8-10 times faster than any other Wi-Fi service provided by airlines
  • Super-fast streaming of videos, movies shows, etc

Pricing and Super-saver Packs

Virgin Atlantic

  1. ‘Messaging Pass’ at £2.99 – Perks include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and the likes, no data limit. Photo and video exchange not included.
  2. ‘Wi-Fi Light’ at £4.99 – Up gradation from the Messaging Pass service. Unlimited data for one hour.
  3. ‘Wi-Fi Max’ at £14.99 – No data or time limit throughout the flight
Note: The services may vary depending on which aircraft you are flying on.

Virgin America

  1. Short Haul – For less than 2 hours of flight duration at $4.99
  2. Short-Medium Haul – For 2-3 hours of flight duration at $7.99
  3. Medium Haul – For 3-4 hours of flight duration at $9.99
  4. Medium-Long Haul – For 4-5 hours of flight duration at $13.99
  5. Long Haul – More than 5 hours of flight duration at $17.99
Note: Wi-Fi services free for Gogo pass holders (both monthly and annual)

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has hinted at their in-flight Wi-Fi service packs to be launched at reasonable prices.


  • Aircrafts with ViaSat Wi-Fi will have free access to the full library of Linkedin’s
  • Gold members will have free Wi-Fi access with airline provided promo codes.
  • Unlimited Netflix streaming for all ViaSat affiliated aircrafts at no extra cost.
So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of ground-level fast Wi-Fi connectivity when you fly. Virgin Airlines guarantee fair price and the best service in the business. Fly the world. Stay connected. 


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