Thursday, 21 September 2017

Scottish Trains to get free Wifi from Cisco

In our daily life internet has played an important part. With the help of internet we can easily contact with nearby people or people staying far away through social media. So some places are there where people are not having internet connection there and some people cannot use internet outside their houses and offices because of their data plans. So People travelling from Glasgow to Edinburgh will get free Wifi from Cisco and ScotRail to trial 300 Mbps. 

So five company along with Cisco has provided an idea of superfast internet on trains. Not only free Wifi but it is also providing people to take phone calls in blackspots that is where no tower is present and also offering in-depth security and safety data to the train operatives. Global Wireless Solutions (GWS) had made a research and found that 33% of the internet requests in train fail. So this project wants to offer free Wifi for the 1.4 billion people travelling every year from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Wifi zone - People who are travelling from Glasgow to Edinburgh in train will get free Wifi so they can use the internet for their purpose. This connectivity is having a speed of 300 Mbps. The connectivity will be given even if the train travels at a speed of 140 mph.

Project Swift – The project of providing Wifi by the Cisco and ScotRail is termed as the Project Swift. It will offer a speed of 300 Mbps where people travelling between two cities can access less than 10% of their capabilities. It is offering such a speed where people can download the whole Beatle back catalogue, seamlessly within time span of two minutes. 

Because of the presence of tunnels, cuttings and regional 3G/4G blackspots in United Kingdom the train connectivity is not so successful so this project will ensure this drawbacks and overcome it. By seeing this project SWIFT other trains with long distance are also planning to offer a Wifi with great speed to their passengers.

Other Facilities due to connectivity – By using the connectivity the train operators can easily display which carriage is having spare seats. This SWIFT Project have also provided advanced insight for train operators which enables a great amount of safety and security and is also having maintenance capabilities which will have an access to the CCTV and train will be monitored in real time. This CCTV will store the footage for future as if any incident occurs then it can be solved by seeing the footage of the CCTV. 

With a connectivity of high speed these cameras can be networked with monitoring and detecting live incidents which will alert the train operators and will help in transporting the police. More over people can also do online shopping and can pick up their product from their destination point.

So this fast and effective Wifi system from Cisco will help people a lot in their travelling time from Glasgow to Edinburgh. For slow internet at home, you can try our tricks as well.

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