Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Top 3 Tricks To Get Rid of Poor Wifi Connection - Apply Now

Wi-Fi is a very significant invention in the evolution of internet, and slow Wi-Fi connection can really test you patience in this modern world where all you probably need is food, air and fast internet connection. If you are plagued by poor Wi-Fi connection then here are the tips which can help you boost your Wi-Fi at home.
Poor Wifi Connection

WiFi Range Extenders

You can install best wifi range extender (802.11b) at your home to boost your Wi-Fi signals to the farthest corners of your home. It is a device which helps in spreading the signals emitting from a router to as far as possible. It collects the signal from the router and then throws it forward to increase coverage and cover all the dead spots and dead zones. There are tons of technically advanced Wi-Fi range extenders present today in the market which you can easily opt for but if you don’t want to spend any more money on another hardware then you can also use your old wireless router as a range extender but for that you need to hack your router and install DD-WRT firmware in it which will provide you access to loads of enhancements and other features.

Latest Wi-Fi Router

One of the best solution to boost your poor Wi-Fi connection is to use a modern router, it is one of the thing that we always ignore until it is totally unable to perform. What we need to keep in mind that technology gets better every day so must also keep our hardware updated to get best service. N, G, B, and A are the older wireless standards and are slower as compared to the latest wireless AC standards. Using latest Wi-Fi routers will definitely boost your poor internet connection.

Ideal Spot for the Router

Routers might not be very good looking but just because of that you also should not be placing it behind a cabinet, to get the best signal quality, you must always put it in an open spot which is free from any type of obstructions. You can place it on a table or mount it on the wall, you need to elevate the router as radio waves which are emitted from a router, reaches out and downwards from its source.Point the antennas perpendicularly and you should also make sure that it is placed in the middle of your home to get best possible coverage in every room.

No Interference

It is not like that only other router can hinder your router’s signal to make it poorer. Microwaves, mobile phones and other several appliances can also muck your signal very well. You should not also place any metal item near your router as metal very well dissolves the electromagnetic energy. Approximately the operating frequencies of a microwave and a router are same so having a microwave nearby will definitely slow down your internet speed. You can also opt for dual band routers to somewhat overlook this problem but if you are not willing to spend some cash then just place your router bit further away.


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