Monday, 11 September 2017

Android Oreo Uses Mobile Data, Not WiFi Data

Oreo is the operating system of android mobile and it is the eight major version. This was released in the year 2017 as an alpha quality developer on March 21 which was the first preview, it’s second preview was developed in the same year on May 17. Later on the third preview released in June 8 which finalises the API. The fourth preview released in July 24 including the final system behaviour and optimizations and latest bug fixes. For public it was released on 21st of August, 2017.

Why Android Oreo Uses Mobile Data, Not WiFi Data?

Android Oreo
Many latest features was introduced in the operating system. Android Oreo is having the integrated support for the picture in picture modes. The setting application is having a white theme with new design and there is deeper categorization for different settings. And with the upgrading of new version one cannot get back the old one, so this restriction of getting back the old version of android system is a drawback. A  tailored distribution for the operating system of low end devices which is termed as Android GO will be used for all devices with 1GB Ram or devices with less than 1GB Ram. It also prefers mobile data.

Android Oreo prefers mobile data over WiFi

It have been noticed according to the reports that android Oreo is using mobile data even when the WiFi is enabled. This problem is experienced by number o users. Spike have been noticed in the data usage and mobile data has to be turned off so that there is no waste of the mobile data. So now Google has already started working on how to fix this problem. Other reviews came like other person stated that there is an enabling of always active mobile data present in the developer option where by default it was set to be disabled. This is not an issue for the user who is having unlimited data plans, but people having limited data will suffer due to this problem. Avery less people is going through this problem as android Oreo is present only for Nexus phones and OTA for Pixels.

How to check Data usage which may get lost due to preference of mobile data in case of android Oreo

If one is having data plan with limits then he or she might face problem as he or she may not be further able to access mobile data if all the data is lost due to android Oreo even if the WiFi is turned on. For checking you have to swipe down the quick settings and the hold down on the mobile data. For stopping the usage of mobile data unnecessarily you can disable the option “Mobile data always active” present in the Developer option. Google is working on this problem so that it can be fixed but the actual date when Google will fix this problem of unnecessary data usage has not been announced by the Google. So this issue is effecting Nexus and Pixel users only as other phones are not having the android Oreo operating system.

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  1. This is a serious drawback as where I live mobile data is still pretty expensive and I cannot have it enabled at all times on my device.